Tarot SeriesTarot SeriesRev. Ann Davies presentations on each of the Tarot keys. 11 CD set - $82.50

Tree of Life SeriesTree of Life SeriesRev. Davies elucidates the attributes of each Sephiroth on the Tree of Life. 10 lectures on 5 CDs - $37.50

The Art of Meditation - 4 CD setThe Art of Meditation - 4 CD setRev. Ann Davies presentations on the art of meditation. 4 CD set - $28.00

The Esoteric Principles of Astrology - 4 CD SetThe Esoteric Principles of Astrology - 4 CD SetNow available on CD. An introduction to the basic B.O.T.A. teachings on astrology. 4 CD Set 28.00

Qabalistic Power of Words – 5 CD setQabalistic Power of Words – 5 CD setNow Available on CD. Ann Davies’ wonderful lecture series on the vibratory power of mantra. 5 CD Set. $35.00

Esoteric Principles of the Holidays Esoteric Principles of the Holidays Now Available on CD. These explanations of the occult meanings of important holidays help us experience them more fully and joyously. 4 CD Set $28.00

An Esoteric Qabalistic Service - CDAn Esoteric Qabalistic Service - CDUnder direction from the Inner School, Rev. Ann Davies prepared this special recording. CD - $9.00

Ann Davies Lecture Set 1Ann Davies Lecture Set 1Lectures include: Tarot: Message of Peace - Understanding the Law of Reincarnation - Stop Complaining, Start Aiming - Qabalah: The Alchemist's Crucible. 4 CDs - $28.00

Ann Davies Lecture Set 2Ann Davies Lecture Set 2Lectures include: Drawing Near to the Heart of God - Indecision - Psychism - The Art of Forgiving 4 CDs - $28.00

Ann Davies Lecture Set 3Ann Davies Lecture Set 3Lectures include: The Qabalistic Study of Creation (Genesis) - Qabalistic Truth About Adam and Eve (Genesis 2) - Understanding Good and Evil Through Qabalah(Genesis 3) - Understanding Joy and Sorrow Through Qabalah (The Book of Job)- 4 CDs - $28.00

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